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About ZIBA Solutions

At ZIBA we are all about results. As a premier cosmetic and surgical aesthetic center we strive to bring you the most breakthrough and proven procedures and equipment. Under the direction of our board certified physician Dr. Tasharofi along with out experienced team in medical aesthetics we deliver the most natural and stunning results possible. 

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ZIBA = Beautiful

The word ZIBA comes from a Persian origin that means beautiful. What flows to your mind when you think of beauty? To some beauty is simplicity. Others argue that it is vibrancy and splendor. Without a doubt it is a quality that brings pleasure to the mind and spirit. 

At ZIBA we believe that you define and bring out what is truly beautiful to you. We have the tools to help you excel. You can draw your vision and we can turn it into reality. 

Meet The Team


Kamran Tasharofi MD


Natalie Nodarse MSN, APN, FNP-C

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Brianna Monaco L.E

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The ZIBA Experience

At ZIBA we strive to create the experience that you would expect from a luxurious spa. We strive for an atmosphere of unmatched personal attention, kindness and professionalism. From the minute you walk in through our door you are met with amenities to feel relaxed and elevated and staff that is attentive and motivated to your needs and goals. 

Starting with the initial consultation we work together a customized plan to help you achieve your desired results. Our goal is to be refined and to achieve world class results. All of our procedures are science-based delivering results that will make you feel and glow beautifully. 

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