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Laser Hair Reduction

Neck $200

Upper lip $100

Cheeks $200

Ears $100

Forehead $200

Chin $100

Shoulders $ 250

Upper arms $ 300

Bikini Basic $ 175

Bikini Brazilian $250

Forearms $ 300

Hands $100

Entire arms with Hands $400

Chest $500

Abdomen $200

Underarms $150

Thighs $300

Buttocks $200

Lower Legs $300

Feet $100

Entire legs with feet $500

Entire Back $500



All pricing listed is per session.

Recommended 6 sessions for optimal results.

Purchase a package of 5 get the 6th session FREE*

*All pricing may vary and is subject to change*


Xeomin or Jeuveau - 14/Unit

Botox- 16/Unit

Liquid nose Rhinoplasty- $900 & up

Lip Flip- $150 & up


Lip Filler-$750 & up

Cheek Filler- $850 & up

Jaw Filler-$850 & up

Under Eye Filler - $800 & up

Nasiolabial Filler -$ 750 & up


Temple filler- $800 & up

Hand Filler-$ 850

Microneedling Facial- $400

PRP add on - $150

PRP injections- $400 & up

Kybella - Consultation needed

before pricing.

Skin Resurfacing/Pearl Fractional - $2800 & up

Laser genesis - $325 & up

Spider Vein Therapy - $400 & up

Skinceuticals Chemical Peel - $175 &up

Facials - $145 & up

Facial Thread lifting with

Mono Thread - $ 20 each

Tornado thread - $25 each

Octotwist thread- $150 each

Barb Thread- $200 each

Keralase Hair Regrowth - $ 2200 (6 Sessions)

* All Pricing may vary and is subject to change*

Beautifill by Alma


This procedure uses laser energy under the skin to gently loosen fat from areas such as the abdomen, hips, flanks, and thighs. The live harvested fat cells(optional) are then injected into areas where volume has been lost such as facial areas and buttock. Pricing on this procedure varies. Consultation with Medical Provider is first necessary in order to know if you are a proper candidate for this procedure.

Pricing varies depending on patient needs. 

Accufit for 5 sessions $2000


In this procedure we use long-pulsed YAG laser to diminish a broad range of visible blood vessels such as deep blue reticular veins and spider veins. It can be done in a quick and safe manner without the need of any painful injections.

An elderly woman in white panties shows
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Cutera Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a non invasive option designed to reduce and eliminate fine wrinkles, large pores, and red spots. These treatments also work to improve the skin's texture and tone on all areas of the face and neck. This therapy can reach deep into the dermis of the skin to help restore your skin to a healthy and vibrant glow. 

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